There will always come a time when you will have to move pieces of furniture within a space. Whether it be in the office or at home, you will want to do it safely, quickly, and without a mess. And when moving heavy furniture like the dining table, china cabinets or the sofa, you may find it a challenge even if you have the floor covered with a carpet. Fortunately, with the best furniture sliders on a carpet, you can do the job easily and without having to worry whether you will have the carpet nor the floor damaged.

In situations like this, you will need to make sure that you will be able to move the furniture without any problem or having anyone getting hurt in the process. As such, it is best to assess the space where the piece of furniture should be placed. It will be less of a concern if you will just have to move furniture within a room, but if it has to be placed in another room within any level of the house or a business location, it will be quite a challenge.

Furniture Sliders On A Carpet


You can always rely on the services of professional movers, but that won’t be the case at all times. Considering that, you will need to have to examine all the details that will affect the transfer of the piece of furniture within spaces. Even if you have professional moving services to do the job, you will still need to make sure that the transfer will be as planned and that the furniture is handled with utmost care.

Tips for Moving Pieces of Heavy Furniture

It is a good thing to have the layout of the room provided for the movers, the dimensions of the furniture as well as the doors or spaces into which the furniture is supposed to be transferred. And if the furniture can be safely dismantled, it will be a lot easier to move it after dismantling. Just make sure to keep every screw, nuts, bolts together and be sure where each piece will go, so it won’t take much of your time to put them back together afterwards.

When moving pieces of heavy furniture, the doorway should be big enough for the furniture to get through. If you are just moving it into another room, make sure that there is enough space for fit in properly and that those who will be turning or changing the position of the furniture can still move comfortably within the space. Make sure to clear the space and make sure that there won’t be any cable or wiring that can cause anyone to trip or fall while moving the furniture.

Another important thing to remember when planning to move pieces of heavy furniture is to make sure that you will have someone to assist you in the process. Or you can have others move the furniture while you instruct them as they move from one location to another, until the furniture is properly placed in the space where it is supposed to be transferred.

Empty any furniture, such as the bookshelf or wardrobe, before moving it to make it easier to lift the piece of furniture. Just make sure to clear the path where it will be transferred.

Lifting a furniture may strain your back or pull a muscle later on if not done the right way. Make sure anyone who assists you or will be moving the furniture is aware of the safety precautions before starting with the transfer. Keep your body close to the furniture and your knees bent while your torso kept straight while picking the furniture. Make sure that those assisting you will be lifting the furniture at the same time.

Finally, keep the floor or carpet safe by using a trolley, furniture pads or one of the best furniture sliders when moving furniture on a carpeted floor. You can safely slide the furniture across the carpet after placing the sliders or pads under the corners or legs of the furniture.

Choosing the Best Furniture Sliders on a Carpet

You may need to change the location of the furniture in your house or office, or you may need to transfer to a different location eventually. Whatever the situation may be, you need to plan ahead and be careful and save your or someone else’s back and your new floor or carpet while doing the lift or moving the pieces of heavy furniture.

If you opt to use DIY sliders or pads, you’ll also need to be careful when inserting them under the legs and corners of your furniture. You can always secure the help of professional movers, but you will still have to ensure that every factor that will affect the transfer are taken care of to ensure that no one gets hurt and the furniture or flooring won’t get damaged in the process.

Having the best furniture sliders on a carpet saves you time making alternatives. And as they are customized to do the job properly, all that you need to think about will be the next location of your furniture and how those who will be transferring it should go about moving the piece of furniture. Limit your options for the furniture sliders and consider only sellers that offer quality items that will ensure that the sliders won’t get broken or slip while the furniture is being moved. You can also leave them under the furniture and next time you will need to transfer the same piece again, you won’t be needing another slider for the purpose.